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Ronsai - Los Cabos Amber Gallery
Ron Sanford was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1943. The beginning of a life adventure never contemplated.

He became "Ronsai" while carrying out his bonsai (sculpting miniature trees) business in the world famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Really disliking the nickname that was hung on him there, it took some time before he accepted it as it followed him to other artistic endeavors.

It was during this time Ronsai began spending a few months most winters in Baja. He fell in love with the Gulf of California, the people, the land and the country. In 1997 he took the plunge and moved to Baja full time. During this period he learned Gyotaku, an ancient Japanese art of printing fish , combining his love of diving and fishing with an incredible art.

Early in his winter Baja adventures while camped at Agua Caliente near Santiago, he met a German traveler named Claus who was creating wonderous works using amber he had purchased in southern Mexico. This began Ronsai's love affair with amber, the Living Gem from Chiapas.

After many, many heartbreaking hours of self taught amber sculpting, drilling, polishing, etc. he was unable to procure more amber in the Baja. Finding the area of amber mining in Chiapas on the internet, Ronsai embarked on a blind trip into some of the remotest areas of southern Mexico. He was aware of the Zapatista revolution in Chiapas but had no idea that the amber producing area was at the epicenter of the conflict.

Luck came through again and Ronsai connected with a family of Mayan decendant miners in Simojovel. The true amber adventure began here for Ronsai. Using the ultimate in fine hand picked 22-25 million year old Chiapas amber, combined with a daring exploitation of design, Ronsai has created a one of a kind collection of sculptures, collector perfume bottles and exquisite jewelry.

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